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About us – so why “w Szoku

We are a Polish company, we make use of fabrics produced in our country, to support domestic capital. However, we are open for good quality products from other countries. We like high quality clothes,  that is why we create clothes that we ourselves wear with pleasure.

We have been operating since March 2014 when the idea how to call the company came up.  Constantly hearing that someone is shocked/in shock, we made a decision to be literally and criss-cross wearing clothes „w SzOKU” (in ShOCK).  Our next step was to choose a logo. It is literally and figuratively natural – angling is our passion so we have chosen a Mayfly. This insect is a delicacy for such noble fish like trout and grayling.

Our products are based on casual wear. With time we are going to enrich our assortment with more elegant clothes.
Our logo inspired by nature will also look good on elegant outfits to finally become (so we hope) a symbol of a prestigious trademark. We want these clothes to meet your expectations on the account of both quality and beauty. We do not create mass collections so we cannot be found in shopping malls.

If you are fed up with networks and you want to stand out from the crown, you shouldbe like us, really shoched – „w SzOKU” (in ShOCK).